This episode is a rendition of a story written by Narayani V Manapadam, in an anthology titled #Love – From One Heart to Another, published by The Hive.

The old couple lovingly referred to as Mama and Mami are getting by in life. Mama is due to retire shortly. Theirs is not a story of hot and passionate love but love of a life spent together. Mama & Mami are so comfortable in each other’s company. Theirs is a love that runs deep and needs no extravagant overtures of love. But on the day Mama is supposed to retire, riots break out. He is still at the bank, where he works. Will Mami lose him too, she has already lost her son. To find out what happens to their love story, listen to the first part of the two part story.

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Lead Image Courtesy – Shishir Palsapure from Pixabay (Edited using Lunapic)


  1. Oh my my!
    Nobody could have narrated the heartwarming tale of the Krishnamoorthys better than Shweta.
    Spot on! The accent of the couple. And not to forget Sabitri!
    I’m humbled in a way, yet I’m over the moon.

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