Hey! Just stop there

You naughty syllables

Where do you think you are going?

Oh! Stay put in your place, that line is yours

No, no, no, don’t you run away

Have just arranged you so

Four, ten and back.


Know what I’ll do?

I will glue you in place

If that does not work then perhaps

I will stick you with a little scotch tape

Four and six, you better not squirm

Eight! I will lasso you

Tether with ten.


They laughed at me

Then with spritely steps

Uh! Helter and skelter they went

Gasping, sweating, I woke up with a jolt

Alas! Held my head in my hand

Realised, I had a

Sequin to write.



Lead Image Courtesy – Gerd Altmann from Pixabay



  1. OMG! I had a laughing riot. And yes it’s so relatable. I have high time fitting it in the count…Lashing each line and syllable

  2. Enjoyed each syllable. Flow of thought and words! A wow one for me.
    I too write poems but have not been (till date) able to use any rhyme scheme. Tried a few times but realized can’t do justice. Am comfortable with free verse.

    • Thank you for stopping by Shashikala. Oh! Its wonderful to know you write poetry too. Yes, many people feel comfortable with free verse. I wish you all the best in your poetic journey. Do DM me, where I can read your poems.

  3. I remember this poem so well. It still gets me to crack up…Boy, syllables sure are the bane to my poetic life. lol.

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