Welcome to Shweta’s Basket

I hope when you rummage through this happy basket, you will find something of interest. Perhaps a story will whisk you away to its world or a poem may dip you in its emotions. Perhaps you are looking for food for thought or want to plan a trip or birthday party. Mayhap you simply want to choose the right restaurant to go to with your loved ones or are in the mood to snuggle into bed with a good book or spend a few bucks on the right movie. What ever it is you are looking for I hope you find it in the basket.

And the best part, most of it will be available as audio content. So, no need to be glued to your screen. You can enjoy the stories and poems and reviews on the go; while driving, doing chores, exercising, as bedtime stories, basically anytime you can put on your headphones. Isn’t that great?

This space is my happy place and I hope it becomes yours too. Do let me know what you think. Leave a comment or feel free to contact me.

Happy reading or listening!