Theme: These are a few of my favorite things

Game 3.1: Drabble Sandwich 


The celebrations are coming along real nice.

Last weekend’s 1st game, Ears vs. Eyes was immensely enjoyed by all. Most knew the video songs better than the audio songs and grumbled good naturedly about the audio songs being new songs that they are not familiar with.

The 2nd game, based on sound prompt for penning the micro-tales was a great hit. And we got more than 30 entries. So, to give everyone a fair chance, we put all the entries in the lucky draw instead of shortlisting 10 and then doing the lucky draw. And therefore, we decided that instead of 1 winner, there should be 2 winners. The prizes are on their way to the winners.

Game 2.1 – Ears vs. Eyes was won by Zainab M.M.

Game 2.2 – Waves to Words was won by Fatema Kantawal & Priya Bajpai

Game 1.1 – Know the birthday basket was won by Saravjot Hansrao.

Game 1.2 – Find the hidden jewels was won by Sheetal Ashpalia.

The prizes have already reached the winners of the 1st weekend, who happily flaunted it.

The lucky draw is done by Abhinav Pratap Singh, to maintain fairness and a clever piece of outsourcing by yours truly.

So finally we come to the 1st game of the 3rd weekend.


To answer the 10 questions, in order they are asked.

The questions are asked in the podcast episode. So you need to listen to the episode. (Link to the episode provided at the end)

These questions are asked, in between reading of the drabbles (pieces of fiction of exactly 100 words). The drabbles are for the listeners to enjoy and see how even 100 words can express so much. And the 10 questions are divided into 5 pairs. All questions are super easy and relate to favorite things, memories, moments from my life.


  1. Subscribe to the basket. Just scroll down a little on the HOME page.
  2. Use of hashtags #shwetasbasket and #firstparty in the comments is mandatory, while submitting your answers on the Facebook post for the game.


Winner will be chosen by lucky draw on Tuesday (11/05/21).

Click on the podcast button to listen to the episode –



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