She was gone forever!

Oh! How I miss her.


She was a waif of a girl

With a sunshine smile.

Though I am Sun

It was her face that shone so bright.

She would close her eyes

And look up at me

I would gently caress her face,

My warm fingers would tickle her

Under her chin, and she would giggle.

And my fingers would tingle

As if dipped in warm honey.

She was opaque and would twirl

And play with her shadow

Full of laughter and love

For who she was.

But as time went by

She looked at me less and less

And smiled with a cloudy smile

Slowly her shadow dimmed

Alas! She was losing herself

Tiny pieces given away

To others around

I blew hot and I blew cold

I tried to entice her with

Gentle zephyrs.

Come and play with me

I would whisper

Sink into your shadow

And watch it dance with joy

For you are together once again.

Sadly, she paid me no heed

And now she casts no shadow.

I shed hot embers at her loss

For I cannot touch her now.

Piece by piece, part by part

She dissipated

In the winds of life


Her spirit’s evaporated

Her soul is gone

Her energy is cold

She no longer glows or burns

Only an empty shell remains


Oh! How I miss her.

She is gone forever!


Lead Image Courtesy – Pixabay


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