This episode is a rendition of two poems written by Nisha Tandon.

When you think of poems, generally you think of sweeping emotions, groundbreaking notions and deep thoughts, and perhaps multiple layers that you can peel away and discover something new each time. Very rarely do we think of poems and humor in the same sentence. But this time, I really wanted to recite something that was full of mirth and dealt with everyday living. So here are two poems related to the gym and unwanted guests. Do listen to them to see the poet’s humorous take on the two situations.

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Lead Image Courtesy – Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels


  1. It was a very hilarious rendition of such a comic piece… I enjoyed writing them and I could feel you enjoyed reciting them more… you gave soul to lifeless words and a vivid imagery was created through your recital. Loved it. Thank you for making us laugh in these tough times. More power to you and your journey Shweta❤️

    • 🙂 Thank you for writing these words Nisha. Truly, I enjoyed narrating them and had a good and hearty laugh. Oh! Your words are never lifeless, they are powerful and fill me with feelings. Thank you for your wishes dear. More power to us.

    • LOL…Yes, atithi ko atithi hi ban kar rehna chahiye (meaning departure date should be fixed and in near future) otherwise they are welcome as family and then pitch in as a family does… 🙂

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