Book Title: #Love – From One Heart to Another

Publisher: The Hive

Language & Pages: English & 243 pages

Available On:, free with Kindle Unlimited & ₹ 199 to buy on Kindle


Love makes the world go round. And, that’s the theme of this book.

There are twenty wonderful stories dealing with different types of love. Old love, new love, revenge love, breaking the norms love, modern love, classic love, fierce love, never-expressed love, beyond this realm love, physical love. You will definitely find these stories intriguing. Some will sound familiar and comforting, some are new age stories and will make you smile. So, every reader will find their heart strings strummed.

All the stories are written beautifully. The language, the flow, the emotions and the imagery keep you glued to the book and turning the pages. The publishers have done a great job of selecting stories that are a pleasure to read. According to them they have chosen stories that are guaranteed to engulf your heart and soul with emotions of joy, sorrow, elation, depression, faith, hope, despair, longing, lust and loss. And, they are spot on.

As is with any anthology there are some stories that stay with you long after you have finished reading them. Though all the stories have something that will appeal to the reader, listed below are a few that I thoroughly enjoyed.

  • Padmini by Priya Bajpai – I was blown away by the language and the imagery. The writer has put in a lot of research and that comes across organically during the course of the story. It’s the story of Padmini who helps Vatsya in his writing of the treatise of love. The story is evocative even erotic with out being cheap or cheesy.
  • Hand in Hand, Into The Sunset by Narayani V. Manapadam – This is such a sweet story of love that it left my heart feeling gooey and mushy. This is not a story of hot love and passion but love of a life spent together. The hero and heroine are an elderly couple comfortable in each other’s company. Theirs is a love that runs deep and needs no extravagant overtures of love. The kind of love couples can aspire to.
  • Love, Virtually by Rashmi Raj – Well, this is your modern day love story. The great part about this story is its flow and most of it being in form of dialogues between the protagonists. The writer has hardly used any dialogue tags and yet she has successfully conveyed what each character was feeling. This story made me smile.
  • Of Forsaken Flowers and Forbidden Frontiers by Alpana Das Sharma – The premise of the story may not be new, love blooming amidst the background of human tragedy. But the writer has done a fabulous job in writing it. The story flows, the heart strings are tucked as we fall in love with Achet Bir Singh, a silent, strong and empathetic savior. I was so engrossed in the story that when I came to ending, I was sorry to take leave of the couple. Perhaps the only thing in the story that would have made it perfect would have been if more words were dedicated to the ending, as it felt a little abrupt.
  • Balconies, Booze, and Breeze Shooting by Namratha Varadharajan – Now this could be any regular couple’s story, your or mine. A husband and wife, a Saturday night, some drinking and lots of talking. It is such a sweet and relatable story; I am sure all couples especially with kids would have a great time reading it.

Now, there were other stories that were a good read too like The Unwritten Story, The Daffodils of The Yorkshire Moors and Take Me to Your Heart but the mentioned are my favorites. Do read the book and tell me which ones tugged at your heart and filled you with this purest of all emotions called love.


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