Saw the movie Mary Kom today. Very inspiring movie. If it had been a fiction the story would still have been inspiring, but its a story that some one has actually lived, that’s just amazing.

Against all odds, Mary Kom did not give up. She gave every thing to boxing. That kind of dedication is awe inspiring. It is such a physical game. One on one assault. And to be a world champion not once but 5 times, is just incredible. Its not a team game where one or the other player step up to the platform to perform. She did this on her own every single time.

And hats off to her husband too. With out his support it would not have been possible. So thank you to him too.

Wish you all the best for future events Mary Kom….

PS: I think this is Priyanka Chopra’s finest work till date. Well done Priyanka…

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