“Hi, what are you doing,” I asked.


“Nothing much. Getting bored. This gloomy grey day is making me lethargic,” whined Shalvi.


“Yeah, me too. I don’t feel like doing anything. There is a whole pile of clothes calling out my name to fold them, Abhiraaj’s project needs to be completed, I have an approaching deadline for a story but dear God I don’t want to do a thing. I just want to lie on my sofa like a slob and not move a muscle.”


“I know, I still have few more packages to get ready before the courier guy comes. I have to order vegetables if I want to serve any for dinner and there are about 100 messages I still need to respond to.”


“You know what?” I said with mounting excitement at the thought shaping up in my mind.




“Wait let me get Nandini on the line too.”


“Hello,” said Nandini sleepily.


“Hello sleepy head, wake up. Its 10.30 am and I am sure you have had a good hour’s sleep after the morning chores. Shalvi is on the line too. What are you doing?”


“Talking to you,”


“Haha… very funny,” I snorted. “Listen, do you have any plans for the day?”


“Yes, to cozy up under my blanket and sleep till the kids return from school.”


“Well, change of plans. No one is sleeping.”


Even before I could proceed, she interrupted me, “I am not going out anywhere in this heavy rain. Anyway, alerts have been issued by BMC about heavy rainfall and high tides. Better not to go out.”


“Yes, mother. Was not planning to go out anyway, but was definitely planning to get out of the house.”


“You in or not?” piped in Shalvi.


“What for?” inquired Nandini.


“The time is perfect for a…,” I explained my plan. “So, lets meet in 15 minutes.”




We met outside her apartment and rang the bell.


“HELLO, Happy Friendship Day” we shouted in unison.


She smiled and opened the door.


The three of us went in through the door, laughing and talking at the same time.


“It’s raining and we didn’t want to do a thing. Hence, we are here. It’s the perfect time to be with friends and celebrate Friendship Day,” I said.


“And it is the perfect time for your ginger tea and onion and spinach pakoras,” said Shalvi smacking her lips.


“And the perfect time to sit and gossip and bitch and pour our hearts out to each other,” said Nandini.


“Wah, you all will sit and chat and I am supposed to make tea and pakoras?” she complained good naturedly.


“We will help, but you are the Queen of pakoras, my dear Latika, so the honor is all yours,” I said steering her into the kitchen.  


Half an hour later we were all settled on her big comfy sofa, with thin blankets covering our legs. The hot tea was complimented by hot pakoras. There was uproarious laughter and lighthearted bitching accompanied by some heavy leg-pulling. And it wasn’t frowned upon that we talked about health and yoga while eating pakoras. There was snorting and chuckling with the sound of rain drops in the background. The whole afternoon was magical and each one of us was happier at the end of it.  


‘So, madam poet, say something about our day today,” demanded Nandini.


A little pompously I cleared my throat and the girls obligingly snickered.



“Blessed we are to always have each other
Rejoice, that we can fall back on each other
Wind beneath the wings for each other
A sounding board of ideas for each other. 


May we be great friends forever 
Count on each other’s love forever
A strong shoulder to lean on forever
A bond as tight as sisterhood forever.”




  1. This is so heartwarming, Shweta. You have so beautifully depicted the beautiful bond of true friendship- where there is no pretence, no hesitation, and where one can be one’s true self, without reservations. Your writing is such that i could easily build a collage of their giggles, and bitching and the warmth in my mind. Not only did i relish the aroma of ginger tea, but also that of unconditional love.
    Best wishes for your lovely website… I will keep visiting to read more great stories and poems.

    • Thank you Moonmoon. You have summed up the emotions in the story so well. And i will strive to keep you entertained and coming back for more. This story is also available on the podcast. Whenever you have time listen to it. Let me know what you enjoy more – reading or listening to the story. And one again thanks dear…

      • I enjoyed both, Shweta. The podcast with your beautiful voice was an amazing experience. It’s a beautiful idea for people on the go.
        What I appreciate the most about my best friends is that I can bare my soul without fear of judgement.

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