This restaurant pinged on my food radar for its filter coffee. So at the first opportunity I landed there to judge it for myself. Since then I have been there one more time. The size ‘M’ restaurant is clean and decent and has outdoor seating.


The first time – since I wasn’t sure what was good and what was not – I ordered a breakfast combo. It consisted of a mini dosa of the day, 1 idli, 4 ambode accompanied by rasam, sambhar and 3 chutneys. For drink you could choose between filter coffee and tea. Obviously it was coffee for me. That is what I had gone there to try and I waited with mouth-watering eagerness to have the first sip. 


First to arrive was the breakfast. The dosa of the day was teen daali pollo i.e. dosa with three dals – moong, urad and chana. It was good. The idli was as expected. The ambode were really good; crispy and fluffy and light. The rasam and sambhar were good too. The filter coffee was not great but good. All in all everything was good as you would expect.


On my second visit though, I was a little disappointed. The coffee felt watered down, it took them half an hour to serve mysore masala dosa and rasam ambode. I was starving by then. So I would say it has been a mixed experience so far.


The next time I visit I would like to try the dishes that I have never had before. I just hope the visit will be worth the time and effort. I know it will be worth the wallet as the dishes are not expensive. 
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