I have always maintained that if you want to look forward to a boring and drab but must be done task then club it with a meal. Now you have something to look forward too. That’s my mantra and this way I get to try new restaurants too. So, when one of these boring tasks had us heading out, we decided to make it exciting by going to lunch at Smoke House Deli, Bandra.

They have these beautiful windows, letting in the sunshine. The only thing, the vista (of sun, sand and sea of our recently concluded Goa trip) was replaced with the road and vehicles. Sigh! This is (mostly) Mumbai for you.

Nevertheless, they have a reputation for good food, and we were looking forward to it.

For starters we ordered Grill Prawns in Cilantro Garlic Chili Butter. Yeah! It’s a mouth full. But believe me so were our mouths when we dug into it.

The next was Smoked Pork & Cheese Sausage Charcuterie. The sausage was fat, oozing juices and cheesy, completely yum. It was accompanied by Honey Mustard and Barbeque sauces.

We had already ordered the mains and by the end of starters realized that we may not be able to finish the mains but were reluctant to cancel as we wanted to taste those dishes. While they were being served, we looked around the restaurant. The ground floor is more like a porch covered with a wall and an awning and has 4 tables along with a covered corridor that has 3 tables. They have seating on 1st and 2nd floor as well. All-in-all an ‘L’ sized restaurant. On weekends and may be evenings best to have table reservations.

For mains there was Peri Peri Grilled Chicken, Boss Style Aglio Olio Peperoncino Spaghetti and Bacon Wrapped Chicken.

Peri-peri chicken’s color was truly red and it had heat. The mash & its gravy were excellent. The only thing I didn’t like was that the chicken was not tender, it required efforts to cut and chew and one of the 2 pieces was too thick.

The spaghetti was milder in contrast and the kids enjoyed it.

By this time, we were too full but then came the bacon wrapped chicken. Oh! The bite into that was super. The crispy saltier texture of bacon was contrasted by the (I think) almost minced creamy chicken. It was great. But it was way too heavy. We could only manage to finish two of them. So, chose accordingly when you order. But this is worth a try especially if you like bacon.

The two drinks on the table were Citrus Seltzer and Hot Chocolate with a marshmallow.

The seltzer was cool and refreshing, one of my fav drinks. And the kids enjoyed the hot chocolate.

Our servers Amit and Sonal did a good job of keeping us fed and Amit even gave us a scope of their butter pecan ice-cream. I haven’t tried it before, and I liked its slightly bitter and not so sweet taste. They have a good menu and there are many things left to try. Will definitely be back someday for more.

By this time, we were all stuffed to our necks and would have loved a hammock (Goa style) to sleep it off. It seems I am not out of my vacation mode. Goa is beautiful. Check out the restaurant reviews for Goa too – Bay 15 & Sea Shells.

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