It’s been non-stop pouring greys,

I’ve had long and miserable days.

My spirit, so wearied it may drown,

I walk around morose, with a frown.

Oh! The energy’s low, I feel I’m dead,

Gazing wistfully at my cosy bed.

Alas, I need a bit of bright sunshine,

To lift my spirit and make me fine.

Where do I go in this incessant rain?

To catch a speck of this yellow grain.

Till one day God blessed us with Sun,

Like a crazy person I came undone.

Not crazy enough to forget my plan,

Caught a bit of it, like a fisherman.

Stored that sunshine, in my dabba,

Will savour a little, with my cuppa.


Title Image Credit – lmaresz from Pixabay


  1. What a beautiful poem Shweta Singh. Truly a ray of sunshine on a dull and gloomy day! Loved the podcast and looking forward to more

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