An impromptu lunch date had us heading out to Thakur Village and turned out to be the case of ‘Jaate the Japan pahunch gaye Cheen, samajh gaye na’.


It so happened that we could not find a parking space around ‘Restaurant A’ and when we did find a space, there was ‘Restaurant B’ right across the road. So Restaurant B it was. This was ‘Tavola’.

The restaurant has two sections the left hand and the right hand section; we were seated in the right hand section. The size of the place is an ‘L’ but the way they have done it up makes it feel smaller than that, guess their aim was to provide privacy. The décor is a bit too much, as in too much happening in terms of the ceiling, the lights, the partitions, the chairs and I am also not a fan of artificial plants. So the décor isn’t much to talk about.
(Hmm.. it’s completely contrary to the fact that I have just devoted a whole paragraph to it.)


Anyway let’s move on to the food now, which was decent enough.


We started with a watermelon mojito and a lemon ice tea. After ‘sweeting’ them up to our taste we really enjoyed them. I will recommend the watermelon mojito, it was cool and refreshing. They had a couple of other mocktails that looked promising.

 For starters we had paneer shashlik and aachari chicken. When it arrived the paneer shashlik looked more like paneer tikka. We called the server to confirm that he had not served us someone else’s order. He confirmed that this was indeed paneer shashlik and mumbled something about paneer tikka being named so in the menu. The answer was unintelligible and we were too hungry to be bothered about it. Well, whatever its name we enjoyed it as paneer tikka. The taste was good and what was even better was the side-salad of cabbage and capsicum. It was crisp and had a nice bite to it. Guess this was the first time we finished the whole salad.
 The aachari chicken was ok. The chicken wasn’t as tender as it could have been.

 The main course was murg malwani, tandoori roti and dal khichidi. Again the gravy was nice but the chicken wasn’t as tender.

 The dal khichidi was great; so said my friend and she would know as she is a vegetarian, a great cook and generally likes khichidi.

The service was also ‘jerky’, not smooth. At times we had to call them to get their attention and at times they were right there as if anticipating our needs. So after this mixed experience we decided to forego the desserts and leave.


Though, it might be worth going back there to try some of the other mocktails.   
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