Available – Amazon Prime

Time – 27 to 41 mins / episode

Total Episodes – 8 (Season 1)

Total Time – 4 hours 38 mins

Age – 18+

Genre – Suspense, drama, thriller, supernatural

Recommendation – Definitely watch


Wow! After a long time, I have seen a Hindi serial that I really enjoyed. Watched the first 4 episodes in one go and then the other 4.

Set in the picturesque North-East, in a small Himalayan town, the first season is very interesting. I wonder how they will match or better it in season 2. The scenic beauty is breath taking. When I was not busy following the characters around, I enjoyed those winding roads and deep gorges and the light reflecting from the snow-capped mountains.

Another thing that added to the charm and authenticity of the drama is the casting. Sanjay Kapoor as Arup Singh the cop, has done a good job. Shahana Goswami, as Lipika his junior, is hot. Karma Takapa playing Dev the lead character has done a very good job. The other supporting actors are all from North-East adding to the genuineness of the setting. The only one I found who did not fit the bill was Pari, Arup’s daughter, played by actor Shaylee Krishen. She did not look like a college going girl, she looked way mature, but that’s just my perception. And hence the blooming romance between her and Dev felt strange.

The other thing that I found a bit odd was the reactions of Sanjay Kapoor and Karma Takapa in a couple of key moments. I won’t mention the moments here for I don’t want to spoil the surprise. But the reaction was so understated that it struck me as odd while watching this otherwise high on emotional quotient drama.

But that’s just about what’s not perfect with this series and that too is very subjective. Otherwise, the whole series is mind-blowing. Dev is a shaman with a special gift, the gift to talk to the spirits of those who have just died and look into their last hour, leading up to their death.

Arup and Dev hesitatingly and reluctantly agree to work with each other and trust each other. Through the twists and turns of the plot and the land they develop a bond. They soon realise that they are hunting a killer who has a sinister agenda and is related to Dev’s past.

And then Dev goes ahead and falls in love with Pari, threatening his relationship with Arup. Now he finds himself at crossroads and the path he chooses may make him pay a very heavy price.

Does he pay the price? Is it demanded of him? Can he get away with not paying it? Does he want to get away with not paying it? What does he finally do?

To find the answers to these questions do watch season 1. It will be time well spent.

And then we will discuss the end. I want to know what you thought of it.


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  1. I loved this series as well. Watched it after your recommendation. There are things that could be better but I am so glad that finally someone is making series that depict the NE of India.

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