This episode is a rendition of a story written by Vijay Krishna Amaraneni.

This episode is 2nd and concluding part of the story The Story Tellers written by Vijay Krishna Amaraneni. If you are here for the first time, then I suggest you listen to Ep 17 which is the first part of the story and then this part.

Lead Image Courtesy – ana carla from Pixabay


  1. Absolutely loved it. This is one of Vijay’s best stories and hearing it with your narrative capabilities is the icing on the cake.

  2. Lovely! Goosebumps when you went into that hush hush whispering tone!

    Dhanush would be a better fit for the charector of the man.

    • I am glad you enjoyed the story. I had to do justice to your words. Its a great story. Yes, I believe lots of people will agree with that choice. I have heard he is very versatile. Though unfortunately i only saw one movie of his and that was Ranjhana, it was meh…

  3. What magic you weave Shweta! Makes me even listen to stories I’ve read before. Such a wonderful narration and how beautifully you’ve captured the emotions. Too good ❤️❤️

    • Thank you for listening to the story Nitika. So glad you enjoyed it. It is a wonderful story so capturing the right emotions was fun. Do listen to the first part when you get a chance.

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