This episode is a rendition of a poem written in Hindi by Nirbhay Singh ji.

Love that was deep but never expressed. Love that lived long and hoped for a union. Love that had regrets but also good wishes. A beautiful poem of love, longing, and hope.

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Image by Thaliesin from Pixabay


  1. Resp Shweta ji,
    Thank you so much for giving my feelings in a graceful and lovely voice of yours! Narration was just Extra ordinary and superb which is beyond the words to express. All I can do, is just a big thanks.!

    Actually u believe it or not , I just had wet eyes listening my words in your voice, as they are real and true expressions of my life! And listening these lines fulfilled my soul’s long lasted emptiness! After listening these lines in your spiritual and loveful voice, I am really obliged!
    …,A big thanks and my heartiest good wishes for your further progress in writings…
    Thanks n regards.

    • Thank you Nirbhay ji for such glowing words. I am truly humbled. It is a beautiful poem and I enjoyed narrating it. I am so happy that I could do justice to your words and feelings.

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