Wake up to the alarm

No time to snooze

Harried don’t sigh


The glorious morning

Through my French windows

Smiles don’t sigh


All leave on time

A day well begun

Satisfaction doesn’t sigh


Little peace and quiet

Some yoga time

Rejuvenation doesn’t sigh


On to the laptop

Smusing and composing

Busy don’t sigh


He’s back from school

How was your day?

Listener’s don’t sigh


Pick her up at the bus-stop

See her radiant face

Happy don’t sigh


Brother sister squabble

Break out into fist fights

Referee doesn’t sigh


My man comes home

My heart is happy

Love doesn’t sigh


Together at dinner time

Laughter, fun, conversations

Full heart doesn’t sigh


I have other emotions, so why?

Would I not let them fly?

Ten reasons why I choose not to sigh.


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