Yellow blossom, O! yellow blossom

Wont you hear my plea?

Dainty fingers wrapped around the

window bars, I gaze at you lovingly.

Bloom, as I can’t, spread your petals

far and wide. With each tiny petal,

travels a part of my captive heart.

Stay beyond this summer, don’t wither away.


Who’ll I talk to and share my yearnings with?

Who’ll witness my pain and recount it

to the travellers passing by,

etch it, for posterity in the texture of your bark.

Long after I’m gone, weep your gold for me.

Am I not as precious to you? A lost soul

that waxed and waned

looking at your cheerful façade.


For now, I gaze at you lovingly,

lying on the cot, gazing through the bars.

Too spent, but for the strength

to make one last plea.

Stay with me, won’t you, a little longer

Till I breathe my last.

Blossom yellow O! Blossom yellow…


Lead Image Courtesy – 41330 from Pixabay

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