ये पीले पीले फूल
ये खिले खिले फूल
छोटे सूरज से चमकते ये फूल
धरा को देखते ये फूल

भवरों के प्रिय फूल
मेरे प्रिय फूल
बाबा के प्रिय फूल
ये अमलतास के फूल

जब भी देखूं ये फूल
बाबा की याद दिलाते ये फूल
संग बिताये पलों का स्मरण कराते ये फूल
मेरे प्रिय अमलतास के फूल

Image by 41330 from Pixabay


  1. A 1st floor flat opposite the lake in the beautiful city of Bhopal. Baba with his cup of steaming Earl Grey and me with my cup of coffee would sit out on the balcony on summer mornings. The silver shimmer of the lake was rivalled by the golden hue of the Amaltaas trees. And luckily we had one that flowered right off our balcony. This poem is dedicated to both my father and amaltaas tree whose sunny disposition could brighten any ones day.

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