The latest catch phrase seems to be ‘I am bored’. It has transcended age and gender bar.


I dread the moment either of my twin comes and says, “I am bored.”


Conversation following this statement, I know from experience is going to be an exercise in frustration.


I say : “So?”


Kid : “Tell me what to do?”


I, resigned to the fact that this conversation is going to take place whether I like it or not : “Well you can go down and ride your cycle.”




“Tell your friends to come down and play.”


“No. Don’t want to go down”.


“Ok, read a book, do some craft work, play a board game (with your sister or brother as may be the case), God knows we have lots of them.”


“No, no, no”.


By this time I am thoroughly frustrated. I don’t understand this concept of boredom. In my childhood we simply went out and played with our friends. There was never enough time to be bored. Children today are bored even when they are with their friends.


“We are getting bored.” Or “Tell us what to do.”


I mean really, all the friends are together and you cannot come up with a single game to play. But this affliction is not restricted to 10 year olds only. Lately I have observed women say, and I may also be accused of it a couple of times myself, “I am bored – with my hair, with my wardrobe, with the day. Let’s do something. Let’s go out, let’s get a hair-cut or maybe even a tattoo.”


Pretty sure by next generation a new reason for divorce will be, “Your Honour, I am bored”.


Where has this boredom come from? Especially in this age where we have so many options to keep ourselves busy or maybe it is because we have so many options. Earlier it was either play or study, so the choice was simple.


Anyway, before I bore you any further 😉 I had better stop and offer a small prayer, may God save us from ‘Boredom’.



Image by Christian Dorn from Pixabay


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