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Game 2.2: Waves to Words


The celebrations are off to a great start.

Yesterday’s game was much appreciated, a musical start to the day and the weekend.

As for last weekend the activity on the posts, the comments, the enthusiasm of the participants, all added to a lively atmosphere and made for fun times spent together.

And the two winners (of weekend 1) were super happy to have won the lucky draw, which was done by Abhinav Pratap Singh, to maintain fairness and a clever piece of outsourcing by yours truly.

Game 1.1 – Know the birthday basket was won by Saravjot Hansrao.

Game 1.2 – Find the hidden jewels was won by Sheetal Ashpalia.

The prizes have already reached the winners.

This brings us to the second game of this second weekend.


Write a micro-tale.

  • Word limit – Minimum 30 words – Maximum 50 words.
  • There are 6 sounds in the sound track.
  • Choose any 2 sounds and weave your micro tale.
  • Think quirky, out of the box, humor…though it’s not mandatory

Write your answers in the comments section of the post on Facebook.


  1. Subscribe to the basket. Just scroll down a little on the HOME page.
  2. Use of hashtags #shwetasbasket and #firstparty in the comment is mandatory.


Winner will be chosen by lucky draw on Wednesday (05/05/21).

Here is your video, with the 6 sounds. Weave a micro-tale using any 2 sounds.




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