Theme: New beginnings 

Game 4.1: Season 2.0 


Wow! And, just like that we are at our last weekend. Time sure flies, especially when you are having a good time.

So, 6 games completed and this is the last game.

Here is the list of the winners so far. All have received their prizes and were very happy about it. (How do i know? They told me so 🙂 )

Game 3.1 – Drabble Sandwich was won by Pooja Gupta

Game 3.2 – A Delectable Affair was won by Amruta Wadekar

Game 2.1 – Ears vs. Eyes was won by Zainab M.M.

Game 2.2 – Waves to Words was won by Fatema Kantawal & Priya Bajpai

Game 1.1 – Know the birthday basket was won by Saravjot Hansrao.

Game 1.2 – Find the hidden jewels was won by Sheetal Ashpalia.

The lucky draw is done by Abhinav Pratap Singh, to maintain fairness and a clever piece of outsourcing by yours truly.

And, ladies & gentlemen, here is the last game.


This is a twofold game.

  1. Caption the Shweta’s Basket logo, and

Shweta's basket

2. Re-write the podcast intro.

The current intro is –

Namaste people, welcome to Shweta’s Basket. My name is Shweta and this is my basket, which I have very lovingly packed with goodies like short stories, poems, book, movie and restaurant reviews, all absolutely fresh and original.

For the reviews you can head over to the website. As for stories and poems, well stick around.


  1. Subscribe to the basket. Just scroll down a little on the HOME page.
  2. Use of hashtags #shwetasbasket and #firstparty in the comments is mandatory, while submitting your answers on the Facebook post for the game.


Winner will be chosen by lucky draw on Tuesday (18/05/21).

Here is the game video –

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