Oh! What a month it has been…

Planning, executing, conducting, collating and finally publishing the results.

Thanks to Abhinav Pratap Singh for conducting the lucky draw for all the 7 games.

Here are the winner videos for all the games.


Game 1.1 – Know the Birthday Basket was won by Saravjot Hansrao.


Game 1.2 – Find the Hidden Jewels was won by Sheetal Ashpalia.


Game 2.1 – Ears vs. Eyes was won by Zainab M.M.


Game 2.2 – Words to Waves was won by Fatema Lokat Kantawal & Priya Bajpai.


Game 3.1 – Drabble Sandwich was won by Pooja Gupta


Game 3.2 – A Delectable Affair was won by Amruta Wadekar.


Game 4.1 – Season 2.0 was won by Kanakgiri Shakuntala Ma’am.


See you next year, dear friends…


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