A note to self, as the days go by

Look inside you, that you must try.


Everything be perfect and, in its place,

Every chore completed, and deadline a race


Spick and span home, brood well turned out

Manicured me and, a matching husband to tout


Perhaps in yesteryears, it had worked

Notions like that, now have you irked


Dust your inhibitions, learn to say no

Sort your priorities, and let the rest go.


Do what you must, and what you will

Keep the fires burning, but don’t forget to chill


Todays have taught, lessons you did learn

Its ok to slow down, no need to burn


Unless burn you must, to keep you sane

For sitting idle, is your one true bane


Slow or burn, let your heart decide

Have faith, let instincts be your guide


Comfortable in your skin, peace of mind

That’s the Elysian place you need to find.


Look inside you, that you must try,

That’s my NOTE TO SELF, as the days go by.


PS: The poem won me the Runners Up in the poetry event ‘A Rhythmic Affair’ Season 3 hosted by Beyond The Box an online writing community focusing on not just the literary journey of the kids but also their personality development. They conduct events for adults too, helmed very ably by serial entrepreneur & social influencer Anupama Dalmia.


Image by Aritha from Pixabay


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