‘A Rhythmic Affair’ – Season 3 is a unique annual poetry contest hosted by Beyond The Box, an online writing community. The contest is unique because the selected sixteen finalists after reciting their poems get a feedback from the judges then and there. It is an amazing opportunity to interact with the eminent judges and to bring your talent to their notice and to have then talk about your poem and their take away from it. It is also a great way to listen to other illustrious poets and their thoughts on varied topics. The poems selected are so varied in nature and scope that no emotion, theme or wording is repeated. After careful consideration the jury chooses two winners and three runners up.

My poem was titled ‘A Note To Self’, a poem on self reflection and about being comfortable in our own skin and learning to relax and take things slow and not be on the go all the time.

Beyond The Box is a writing community focusing mainly on children. In their own words – “Our mission is to help children and budding writers unbox the joy of writing and develop love for the written word.” They believe that even telling kids to think in or out of the box is incorrect, the kids should be encouraged to look beyond these boxes.

The initiative is headed by the dynamic and multi talented Anupama Dalmia. She is a multiple award winning blogger, author, serial entrepreneur, choreographer, social influencer and creative writing mentor. It is her dream to touch the lives of every child out there.

If you want to be a part of this dynamic and vibrant community, then check out their website and Facebook page.


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