We know we are blessed when we have good friends. It is true for all whether you are young, old, rich, poor, man or woman. Good friends are your strength, your support system, your moral compass, your therapist and the keeper of your secrets.


All my life I have been blessed. Right from my school days till today – I am 40+ now – I have had the fortune of being friends with some really amazing and unique women. I know all women are unique, but hey, this is my blog so my friends uniquer (it’s a word in my dictionary). I am still in touch with my school friends and with the advent of social media (for me especially what’s app) it is so easy to be in touch with each other. I mean really in touch not just the ‘forwards’ kind. We talk, discuss, argue and share. It is wonderful to see the kind of women they have all blossomed into. Recently one of them moved to Mumbai when her husband was transferred here. Even though we had not met for years, it did not seem like that. We picked up from right where we had left off. Such is the power of time tested friendship. No awkwardness, no self-consciousness, no having to watch my mouth. I knew her, after all I had been friends with her for more than half of my life. Of course if your friend has changed a lot then the same things may not apply, but you will know that in the first five minutes of meeting her. In which case it will be like meeting a new person and doing the dance-of-making-a-new-friend again. Almost an year after that we got an opportunity to meet with two of our other friends – we were a group of 5 – in Pune. We had a ball of a time, but also missed the one who could not make it. Our kids also of similar ages enjoyed themselves. It felt like we had never been apart even though we were meeting after college. And even though we have not met since (almost three years) the memories of that weekend are still fresh and the bond still strong.


Fast forward to the present day and now I am one of the quartet. The four of us are, well a story for another day or another blog. No matter whether its yester-friends or present-friends, they are the treasures we acquire in our lives and they make it rich by simply being in it.


It’s been my privilege to call these women my friends and I know (coz they have told me so) that they feel the same. Hope each and every one of you out there has at least one such friend in your life.


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


  1. It’s a privilege and a blessing to have good friends ! And I am glad I have a few I can count on . This article made me reach out to each of them 🙂 Thankyou !!

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