So, today is very special. This is the 50th episode of Shweta’s Basket, a half-century. When I started Shweta’s Basket, a short stories and poems podcast, in March 2020, I had no idea where this would lead. The only thought was to narrate stories written by you and me…The regular people, who had no platform to showcase our work. Because I couldn’t find anything online, that was similar to Shweta’s Basket then.  And, also to gift a smile to the listener just the way audio stories do for me.

But this was completely new and I was not sure if I could do it, or what it entailed. But I knew for sure that if I thought too much about it, I would chicken out. My family and friends agreed, so with their best wishes in one hand and armed with the required research, enough to get me started in the other hand, I took the plunge. It was like reading about how to swim and then jumping into the deep end and hoping …fervently… that your theory will help you keep afloat in the practical. But we all know how that goes.

So, it was no wonder that I was barely managing to stay afloat. For the 1st nine months, there was only 1 episode per month. Which is akin to drowning. But then Dec 2020 onwards, I found that my skill had improved a bit and now was the time to put in the hours to build the stamina. So dec onwards I started posting twice a week. Recording, editing the recording, learning the finer points of the editing software, searching for the right music, the perfect picture, uploading it to my host site Anchor, and finally posting on social media. That was a lot of work, a lot of learning, a lot of frustration but utterly exhilarating. To learn and feel yourself grow in something that is absolutely new to you is just so empowering.

Then in May 2021, came the first big milestone. The first anniversary of the website Shweta’s Basket. And we had a grand celebration which lasted for a month. Every weekend starting from 24th April till 15th May, the #FirstParty was celebrated, with great enthusiasm and gusto. We played 7 games and had 8 winners and nearly 150 entries. Oh God, those were heady and hectic days and super fun.

And then I took a month’s break to rejuvenate and was back in July to do what I love doing and that my dear listeners is enthralling you with some awesome heartwarming and heart-wrenching stories and poems. Though creating an episode is alone work for me, I have never been lonely in this journey. I have had the great fortune to meet some fantastic stories written by equally fantastic writers who have become my friends. You know it’s like walking down a scenic path and at regular intervals meeting people who are kind enough to give you sustenance in the form of stories that keeps you energized to move ever forward. The day this sustenance stops the journey will too….and that is why I say thank you, dear writers, for giving me your words, thank u for trusting me with your stories. They are the most precious gifts I have.

Till date, SB has collaborated with 24 writers and new connections are made every so often and from expected and unexpected quarters. Yatindraji, Sonal, Sheetal, Nisha, Rajkumari ji, Vijay, Sarveswari, Anne, Arva, Esther, Nirmala ji, Chandra, Preethi, Saravjot, Sandeep, Pallavi, Natasha, Narayani, Nirbhay ji, Kavitha, Arti, Amruta, Richa and Vasudhaji.

Now imagine this scenario, a beautiful museum showcasing some of the most well-crafted gems and well-cut diamonds, in the world but… no one to see and admire them. What’s the point then, isn’t it? And that is why dear listeners this would be an exercise in futility if it wasn’t for you. Thank u from the bottom of my heart for giving the most precious thing as a listener you can give me,…. your time. Your time, your comments, your recommendations is what keeps pushing me to bring to you, the best content I can.

This episode will be incomplete without mentioning these 3 people. The very first person is someone whose name is lost forever in the lanes of bygone childhood memories. The person who introduced me to audio stories. I don’t remember who you are what your name is but I am eternally grateful to you for giving me this precious gift.

The other 2 people are Neha Parashar and Neelesh Misra. Neha has a podcast titled Panno Ke Jharokhe. It’s my absolute favorite. Do listen to her. She has a wonderful way of pulling you in. She was the motivation behind me posting 2 episodes per week and pushing my boundaries.

Last but not least is Neelesh Misra…Everyone knows him. He is perhaps the most loved and famous audio storyteller in India today. His Yaadon ka idiot box with Neelesh Misra, available as a podcast is my absolute go-to podcast. Both of them have double-handedly saved me from going insane in this lockdown. Their narration is the boat that keeps me safe and afloat in this chaotic ocean of life in the pandemic. And if I can be even one person’s boat for a day, I would consider myself blessed.

Here are a few testimonials from my listeners.

  1. Vasudha ji – I love listening to Shweta’s Basket. Every episode is a wonderful surprise. A great story or a fabulous poem enriches my day, each time I listen. Without hesitation, I would recommend Shwetasbasket to anyone who wants an excellent literary session to enhance their perspective.
  2. Nisha Tandon – Do I need to say anything at all about why I am hooked onto the podcast @Shweta’s basket? I admire the way she has a good mix of poetry, short stories, anecdotes and a dash of trivia. There is a never a dull moment or monotony as one listens to the content on the podcast. And her mellifluous voice leaves you asking for more Wishing Shwetas basket a happy golden 50th episode and many more.
  3. Saravjot Hansrao – Tuning into Shweta’s Basket is the perfect winding down to a busy day. The guilt of inability to sit down with a book is washed away listening to the enthralling stories and lyrical poetry on Shweta’s Basket. The renditions by Shweta are engaging and heart-tugging.
  4. Moonmoon Chaudhary – Shweta’s basket is a wonderful podcast of poems and stories. The host, Shweta Singh, brings the works of art alive with her beautiful rendition, evoking a myriad of emotions in the listener. Shweta’s velvety voice has magic that transforms the written pieces, touching the deepest recesses of the listener’s heart. I trust Shweta’s basket to change moments and make a difference. Highly recommend it.
  5. Nirbhay Singh ji – I’m a big admirer of all your posts. Keep it up and all the best. May you reach up to the sky!

So, thank you dear writers and listeners and we will meet again and take stock of where we stand in the 100th episode.


  1. I can confidently say here that listening to your podcasts gives me a new perspective to stories. Your inflection rendition tone everything adds to the texture of the story. Looking forward to many more episodes of great storytelling.

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