This episode is a rendition of a couple of poems written by author Sonal Singh. Both poems are part of a poetry book titled Islands in The Stream published by Authors Press, and available on Amazon.

In What Are Days Like? she compares the days to mischievous children who are bargaining with the Sun for some more playtime. It starts with all this action; the bargaining by the days, then sulking and resisting, and then it segues into the days drifting off to slumberland. The personification is just so beautifully and thoughtfully done.

And in Joy on The Wings of Hope, she talks about life holding a deeper meaning when joy floats heavenward on the wings of dream and on the wings of hope.

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Lead Image Courtesy – Shweta Singh


  1. Shweta Singh, how beautifully you have recited this two outstanding poems by Sonal. They just sing a song of their own in the heart. Well done indeed

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