Book Title: Cosmic Vibes From Chaos to Quietude

Language & Pages: English & 81 pages

Author: Shristee Singh

Available On:, Paperback – ₹149 & ₹ 99 on Kindle Edition


Shristee Singh’s debut poetry book is really an encomium to the higher powers. The book titled ‘Cosmic Vibes From Chaos to Quietude’, is literally that. The verses bring such peace of mind and anchor us to the present that the title name is completely justified. Even Lord Jagannath on the cover page have been painted by the poet.

The very first thing that struck me even as I was reading the book was that the poems are such a beautiful representation of our culture and values. I mean, hand this volume over to a foreigner or someone who is not familiar with the gods and goddess and the rituals of Hindu religion, then by the end of the book they will begin to have an idea about it. Isn’t that marvelous? To have your poems represent your culture.

The other thing that strikes you is the quality of these poems. They are a spiritual ode to the Master who comes in many forms, feminine and masculine. Shristee’s dedication is a clear indication of what this book means to her as she dedicates it to His lotus feet.

The print quality, the font, center alignment all add to the feel of etherealness and devotion to the divine that this book is showcasing so effectively. While all the fifty-five poems are beautiful here are a few of my favorites.


Invocation – A plea to the goddess to shine her light through us.

O slayer of demons, who lets no evil grow,

Purge our sins, letting our beatific self show.


Heartstrings – A beautiful poem bringing forth Sita’s thoughts during her swayamvar. She is anxious yet grounded in her faith and urges the bow to let no one string it save for the yogi she saw and has given her heart to.

She spoke to the Shiv Dhanush in her heart

Let no one move you, O mighty bow

Rest all your strength in yourself today…’


Unafraid – A powerful poem about dealing with fear. The very first stanza fills you with courage and the poem ends with letting the fear know, the only way the poet will eulogize it.


Dare thou look into my eyes,

Into shreds, I’ll tear thee!

Creeping from caliginous ways,

Don’t you trudge towards me!


Come to me – The refrain ‘Come to me’ in the poem emphasizes the point that He is always there for us and it is up to us to go to him, anytime, in happiness or sorrow, whether we are in light or in a dark place, whether there is chaos or calm in our heart.

Come to me

When dark is the night.

Come to me

When the stars are bright.


Hello Happiness – A deeply philosophical poem about the most desired of all emotions – happiness. The poet wonders about its whereabouts but later is made to realize where she can find it.

Will you meet me in the future,

Or did I lose you somewhere in the past…

Dear happiness,

Tell me, how to meet you fast?


Seraph’s Light – This poem reminded me of Leigh Hunt’s poem ‘Abou Ben Adhem’. That poem had an ethereal quality to it and so does this poem. The poet is spell bound by the angel’s appearance and we are spell bound by how well she has depicted that moment.

I stood spell bounded,

Like a silent spectator.

Who this beauteous seraph was?

Visiting me without any cause?


The best part about the book is that you can keep coming back to these poems as and when you like and spiritual or philosophical, whatever your thirst be, the book will quench it. I wish Shristee all the best and hope she keeps writing and publishing such deep and meaningful poems.

Here’s the link to the book.

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