All good things must come to an end
Said they at ArtoonsInn, where poems we had penned.
No, please no, don’t stop this lovely tradition
Where writing every day on a prompt was our mission.
The one relaxing, beautiful and anticipated task of the morning
Was to come up with poems after some brainstorming.
Some prompts made us smile and some made us frown
We will come up with something, we knew deep down.
We started with a Stranger’s hand clutched in mine
Moved on to Sunshine, Insomnia, RIP; poems truly divine.
Lanterns followed by 10 reasons not to sigh
Made sure we didn’t fall in Depression; our spirits were high.
Galaxy, Circus and then some melodious Chords we played
Reflections were made, then we helped Cinderella in her crusade.
By far, for me, the toughest prompt was Ghazal
Others may not agree, to me it felt like an impossible puzzle.
We then happily moved on to SideA SideB, and enjoyed the Swing
My Solitude tasted like tiramisu and NoMansLand to different places did us fling.
Then we Danced, came Alive and deep meaningful Insights were gained
We followed the Footprints, enjoyed and cursed while the Rains rained.
Not for a moment Sorry we felt, Waves we created and Respect we paid
Peace we sought, Colors we discussed, then about Me feelings we conveyed.
And now the time has come to say goodbye; to bid farewell
How the sadness that burgeons in my heart, do I quell.
I used to look forward to see what my fellow Artoons were up to
Reading their comments, poems and penning mine; the time just flew.
What will I do when a fresh day looks at me?
Perhaps sitting idle and staring at nothing I will be.
Please don’t let this be a goodbye
I know for sure I will cry…



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