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Past the emerald lawn, pearled with dew drops
Beyond the weather-beaten picket fence
Lies a narrow well-trodden trekking trail
Lazily snaking into the forest
A path I amble on every morning
The beckoning tree-line is the gateway
To the primeval dense temperate woods
The hush here has its own cacophony
Red, blue and yellow flashes from the tops
The resplendent trees are playing holi*
Colors they hide in their thick foliage
Take feathery wings and make chirping sounds
Greens sieve the sunlight, turn it to gold dust
Glitters glides, slips through your open fingers
I sit, soak the peaceful tranquillity
Wish to grow roots too, live here forever.
Holi-Festival of colors



  1. Splendour in every stanza..
    Green seive the sunlight turn it into golden dust. Loved this line a lot.
    Yes sunrays that penetrate through the leaves gives sparkle in eyes!

    Yes the beauty of forest is divine. How God has created wonders!

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