‘Malhaar’, is a book of poems by Ambica Uppal. Just like its name, the poems in the book are a down pour of pain and longing. But amidst their greyness there are instances of the yellow hued hope peeking through. This makes reading them very interesting. The poems are short and yet bring out the pathos so easily. Some of them would do well as quotes.

The entire book is done in black and white. The illustrations, by Ashween Kaur, too are minimalistic adding to the bleakness and simplicity of the poems. The clean lines add value to the written words. The print quality is great. The glossy and smooth finish is perfect for the poems.

The poems are divided into six sections. Listed below are excerpts from my favorite poems from each section…..

  • Solitude

The same solitude,

That rescues me at night

When each of these people


One by one.


  • Love, Ah! Love

Strange are the ways of love

For with my injured words

I strung a song together


  • Resilience

My heart lays heavy

With all the specs of dust

That have dimmed my spirit

Through the day.


I breath in hope again


  • Roars Of Silence!

Every pore in my body wanted to feel you beside me,

But you had been long gone, far, far away,

And there I lay, fighting the roars of silence within!


  • You Are Strong


Those cracks shifted,

Made their way to places,

And formed a new me


  •  Stay Sane My Future Child

When the sun shines on your face

When your step has a joyous spring to it.

Hold on! Don’t go wild


A breezy read they are not, for to truly enjoy the poems you need to dive into their emotions. A cursory read would deprive the reader of the hidden pearls in its depths.

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