Pop Tate’s is our all-time favourite. Of course proximity to our society helps but if the food wasn’t good nobody would go there again and again. And we – friends and family – have been there almost  10 to 12 times since it opened a few years ago. Whatever the occasion; from lunch with friends to treating PTMSD (Parent Teacher Meet Stress Disorder) with some awesome dishes to lets have lunch at Pop Tate’s after a movie at the PVR, we have done it all and will continue to do so.




o   Because they are close by


o   Because they serve good to great food


o   Because they are wallet friendly


o   Because the atmosphere is nice, they have a big screen where they telecast live matches


o   Because they have a good collection of mocktails


o   Because they have my favourite-st dish – chilly chicken. I have had it every single time I have been there and they have got it right every single time.


 Oh don’t get me wrong, they do have their flaws, but we know them and accept them so we are good. For example the size ‘XL’ restaurant is in dire need of some airing out. The whole place smells of food (and not in a good way. This wasn’t an issue when it had started but over the years it has become an issue). It takes a few minutes to get used to it. For some it might be a huge put-off but like I said we have learnt to work around it. Their service is also not exceptional, some days its good some days its bad. If we are in a hurry we make sure we catch  the attention of our server otherwise we let them work at their pace. So if you can accept these issues then Pop Tate’s is a great place to be, food-wise and money-wise.


Following are the dishes that we have ordered over the course of our visits. Some have remained constant while others have been added and deleted through experience.  Recently they had changed their menu i.e. their physical menu. I am not sure if or what new dishes have actually been added as our favourites continue to be there in the new menu too.


Popchow aka Manchow (4.5/5) – A really hot and happening soup but not for people who can’t handle the heat of whom I am one but one of my friend loves it and I dip into it a couple of times. That’s about all I can handle, though it is yummy. 


Cheese/Garlic Bread (4/5) – The garlic bread is nicer and crispier than the cheesy one.


Cheese Cigars (2/5) – Had them only once.


Veg Bombastic (5/5) – An all-time favourite. The gravy is oohhhh so smooth and cheesy, the veg balls are lightly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside and is best eaten with garlic bread. We literally polish off the dish with the bread.


Mashed Potatoes (4/5) – A kiddie favourite.


Chicken Rolly Polly (2/5) – Nothing rolly polly about them. There was just too much chilly in them to enjoy any other flavour.


Pepper Blasted Chicken (3.5/5) – I prefer the chilly chicken but one of my friend likes this better.


Afrikano Chicken – (3.5/5) – Good but not as great as chilly chicken (God I hope I don’t end up jinxing the great chilly chicken)


Chicken Lollipops – (3.5/5) – They are good but have had better ones elsewhere.


Chicken Wings: Sticky BBQ ( 4/5) – Pretty good.


Paneer Corn Blankets: (3/5) – Were slightly dry. Not bad but not good either.


Thai Green Curry: (4/5) – It was really good.


Tikka Oye: (4/5) – Strange name for a sizzler, but great taste. It works.


Lasagna Al Forno: (3.5/5) – Oily. You have to be a hard core lasagne fan to enjoy this though the taste is very nice. And being a heavy dish not easy to finish.


Fish and Chips: (4/5) – Really nice, no smell of the fish. A hit with the kids.


BBQ Chicken Pizza: (4/5) – thin crust, really yummy.   


Butter Chicken Curry with Rice: (4/5) – Enjoyed by adults and kids alike.


Chilly chicken: (5/5) – My all-time favourite. The sauce, the flavours and the spring onions in it, I love it all. My family and friends don’t even have to ask me anymore. They just order it. It’s like a standing order.


For drinks we have tried a lot of things over the years. Some of them are –


Mojito: (4/5) – Both cocktail and mocktail are good.


Pineapple and Curry Leaf Martini (4.5/5) – Another favourite of mine. Though I have it without the gin. They charge it at the price of a mocktail. The pineapple adds tanginess to it and the curry leaves are so refreshing. A truly awesome drink.  



    Strawberry and Guava Cooler: (4/5) – Liked by people who like both these fruits.


Classic Lemon Iced Tea: (3.5/5) – It’s good when its good, but sometimes it is not so good. Not a very consistent drink.


Strawberry Milkshake with Ice-cream: (4/5) – Especially great on a hot summer day or if you are fasting.


So as you can see over the years we have tried a lot of dishes and now have a core set of dishes we like and keep repeating while we keep experimenting with a few others. It is great place to be at. Period.

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