One Saturday we found ourselves in Borivali during lunch time. After consulting Zomato we decided to go to Zaika Crave. Let me talk about the food first and then I will get into the other issues.


Welcome drinks:


Kiwi and strawberry shots (3/5) – Ok






Chicken lolly pop (4.5/5) – never thought deep fried lolly pops could be that yummy.


Chicken spring roll (4/5) – also good, since it was hot even the thick skin felt nice and crunchy to eat.


Chicken malai tikka (2/5) – the chicken was rubbery and after informing them about the same they served a fresh platter and it was succulent. My daughter loved it. So it ended up with a 4 out of 5.




Curry leaf martini (3.5/5) – felt like a mojito with curry leaf.


Peru chilly (4/5) – really nice but not chilled enough.


Main course:


Chap masala (3.5/5) – the gravy was great but the mutton was not tender.


Butter Nan (3/5) – rubbery


Tandoori roti (4/5) – good




Caramel custard (4.5/5) – simply wow. Just like mom used to make it.




Choco lava (4/5) – hot & gooey on the inside; it was really good. Loved the fact that it was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The combination of hot and cold was awesome and for the kids it was like Santa gave them an early Christmas present. 




Now let me discuss the other issues.


1.       This place is not easy to find. The entrance to the restaurant is in a by-lane. We were finally directed there by the guards at the main gate of the club who said it would be better if we parked in the by-lane instead of going through the main gate which is on the road.


2.       They have a charge of Rs 70 for non-members (only children under 5 years are allowed free entry). We didn’t like that and expressed this, at which point the lady at the reception made us speak to someone in the restaurant who informed us that if our bill exceeded Rs 400 per person then the entry charge will be reimbursed. So we paid 70*4=280 and if we wanted a refund then our bill had to exceed Rs 1600.


3.       The bar is right in front of the lift and next to the restaurant – on the first floor. That afternoon the bar was hosting a party. So the moment the lift doors opened we were assaulted by loud music. Though this is a size ‘XL’ restaurant you couldn’t escape the noise even if you were sitting the farthest away from the bar, which we were not. So the whole time we were bombarded with music and the MC encouraging people to dance and participate. Next time I will confirm if they have a party or not before going.


4.       While placing the order I informed the server that I was a Zomato Gold member and gave him the ID no. He informed me that the second most expensive dish will be made complimentary. I also informed him about the entry charge and he said that we could only avail one discount; either Zomato Gold or the refund of the entry charge. I told him that I understand the logic of not combining two discounts but this was different. Why would I come to this restaurant again if I am charged a non-member fee every time I come. After much discussion Chris – the manager – gave us our refund for the entry fee and the lolly pop was made free as per Zomato offer. So I want to thank Chris and Jitendra Singh (our server) who went out of their way to turn around what would have been a non-repeat customer into a repeat customer. 
PS: The bathroom is ok. 
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