The first ever Raheja Women’s Premier League
It generated a lot of enthusiasm and intrigue
Ladies came forward to eagerly participate
A whole lot of them, just one short of twenty-eight.
To each nine and a total of teams three
But how to make the division fair and free?
Without an auction a Premier League is incomplete
So, auction, fun, food was setup for an evening meet.
The organizers, children, women and their spouse
All gathered on 21st March, six thirty in the club house
Sheetal started the proceedings in his jocund way
Thus started the RWPL, along with tea, biscuits on a tray.
First the three captains were announced
Shalini, Shalvi and Jyoti they were pronounced
After introductions and with a lot of cheering and fanfare
Accompanied by their advisors, the ladies took their chair.
Thus, started the fiercely fought closely bided auction
In the end there were three teams with a fair division
Food and excitement concluded Saturday’s session
Next Sunday, the teams dressed in their jerseys and aggression.
The atmosphere was electric with a lot of cheering
Selfies’, photos, nerves and children screaming
The three captains came together for the draw and toss
The first match, path of Gully Girls and Valour was to cross.
With the National Anthem the day officially began
The umpires took their positions, each team had a plan
Valour bowled well and hence won the first game
Happy and ecstatic that will be their claim to fame.
The second match saw Josh face off an exultant Valour
After the Josh’s batting, Valour didn’t have a good pallor
Josh’s bats-women’s josh that day was truly high
The Gully Girls too lost, inspite of their best try.
Josh and Valour were in the finals, last match of the day
History repeated itself, Valour did the ultimate price pay
The first ever RWPL title was now in Josh’s kitty
They played a game that was fast furious and gritty.
A beautiful energetic vibrant day had come to an end
But please oh please let this set a future trend
No injuries on the ground, no controversy on the field
To women, elders, children this tournament appealed.
Families friends young and old all came together
On the organizers cap this is a jewel colored feather
Fun was had, food was partaken, memories were made
To tell you the truth, for the next edition we cannot wait.


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