She did it. By God, she did it. She had been obsessing about it for some time, like so many of us do for so many things. But just obsessing was not for her, no sir, she was a doer and boy did she do it.
I wasn’t sure she would, well for one ‘how and where’ could she do it, you know the sheer logistics of it. And then even if she managed to line-up that ‘how and where’ would she have the guts to pull off something like that. I know I don’t. And that is perhaps another reason why I wanted her to succeed. So that I could live vicariously through her and enjoy the experience almost as if it was my own.
Guess that thing Shahrukh Khan said in a movie about wanting something so badly that the entire ‘kayanaat’ puts in an effort to make sure you get it must be true. But in this case, I can’t give all the credit to wanting and ‘kayanaat’. Yes, she did want but she made efforts to fulfil that want. She took the bull by its horns and didn’t let go till the logistics were in place. How many of us do that? How many of us have the guts and yes it takes guts to actually do what is on our bucket list and not hide behind excuses. I bet tons of us don’t even have bucket lists. I don’t, for one thing I don’t know what I want on it (dumb or satisfied, take your pick) and then God forbid if I make one and am not able to do things on it; how will that affect me, will it make me depressed, will I have to rebel against my family to do my thing, am I even allowed to do things for myself, all that money could be used for something better which involves the whole family, doubts like these and a hundred other variations of it are endless.
But she did not let these doubts cloud her. She forged ahead. Some may call her selfish, hell she is my best friend and I sometimes felt she was being selfish. But today she has done something about her heart’s desire, she had the courage to own it, work it and DO it. So proud of you my darling. 
When our smallest and simplest desires are fulfilled, we feel so happy and are motivated to do better just by the virtue of being self-happy. Imagine how she must be feeling now and how motivated would she be to be a better person just by the virtue of being self-happy and from the confidence of having crossed off an item from her bucket list, while here we are living our ordinary lives.
Well hats off to you babes. I am waiting eagerly for your return, I want you to tell me every single detail and show me videos and photos.
Oh, did I forget to mention what she did.
Only just…
She jumped,
From an airplane,
At 13000 feet,




  1. Reading this helped me relive the whole experience ! What a day that was and thankyou so much for this wonderful writeup dear . Beautifully written ❤️❣️

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