Available – Netflix

Time – Average 42 mins/episode

Total Episodes – 10

Total Time – 7 hours

Age – 16+

Genre – Thriller, mystery

Recommendation – Definitely watch



I love limited series.

They are best of both worlds; movies and regular series. Longer than a movie to see the characters flesh out and develop and shorter than a series so that it doesn’t get boring and there is a definite end.

Recently I watched ‘Somewhere Between’. I really enjoyed it.

At the heart of this thriller is TV news producer Laura. A serial killer is on the loose and she decides to do a piece on him. Amidst this her daughter Serena is kidnapped. One thing leads to another and the daughter ends up dead. Unable to cope with the loss of her daughter Laura decides to commit suicide by jumping into the lake at Black Pine Cove.

On the parallel we have Nico, a disgraced detective who now works as a P.I. The dice is rolled and he is set on a path that intercedes with Laura and her daughter. But one of his cases goes wrong and that leads him to the edge of the same Black Pine Cove, all tied up in ropes and a cement block.

Just as Laura jumps into the water, Nico is thrown in by the goons. Somehow, he manages to cut loose and ends up saving Laura too. Now, the next part diverts a bit from the thriller/mystery genre, as the scriptwriters introduce an element of fantasy. Laura and Nico realize that they have gone back in time.

So, if you can look past this bit, the series becomes a real-life thriller where the duo rush around to uncover the truth behind Serena’s abduction and its connection to Nico’s murdered girlfriend.

Paula Patton as Laura is just about ok. Most of the series she is wide-eyed and the expression becomes monotonous. Devon Sawa as Nico is good. But I believe it is the rest of the cast that have done a great job.

All-in-all a very watchable limited series. And the ending is the kind I like. No loose ends, everything tied up neatly.



Lead Image Courtesy – abc.com



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