Recently finished reading the book ‘The Red Line’ by Tanmay Dubey. This is his third book. He is an IT professional by training and a master story teller by passion. Like all good authors he is a voracious reader and has a thing for movies and marathons.

His latest book ‘The Red Line’ is set in the contemporary world, from North America to Asia. The major part of the book covers a time period of a month. A month of intense investigation by SHO Hanumant Shastri ably aided by ASI Azhar Ansari of the Delhi Police. The investigation starts with the murder of a senior official in the MoD. This leads Hanumant Shastri to Colonel Matrika Rana and the two form a curious pair. From the by-lanes of Delhi to the world of international espionage and corrupt defence deals, the book is a genuine and fast paced thriller.

The character of Humant Shastri is beautifully crafted. He is a man with old values in the modern world, constantly struggling to follow his strict code of ethics. He is defined by all as a failure for not moving with the times. Even his own family thinks of him as one, for not providing them with the luxuries of life. The father-son relation, with their struggle to understand each other will resonate with so many parents. But after all he is the protagonist. Things cannot remain the way they are. Read the book to find out how he goes about redeeming himself in the eyes of his family and ends up saving the day along with the dynamic Colonel Rana.

The book is well thought out and executed. The plot has many tendrils, but at no point does it digress from the main plot. Everything adds to the build-up of the finale. The twists and turns are well balanced with clear and precise narration. Easy language and not being bogged down with too much technical details makes this a smooth and easy read.  The best part; the author has promised more adventures for SHO Hanumant Shastri. I look forward to meeting this affable character soon.

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