Namaste people,

Have you got a great story that you would love to listen to and have others out there enjoy it too?

Well, then send it to us and we at Shweta’s Basket will turn it into an audio tale and put it out into the world for all to hear.

But before you hit that send button please go through the Q&As listed below.


Q1. What is the criteria based on which the stories will be selected?

  1. Story should be between 700 to 1500 words.
  2. Story should be edited, proof-read and grammatically correct.
  3. It needn’t be a new story, it can be a story that you have already written and even published on a literary online platform or your own blog/website.


Q2. Any other criteria?

  1. The final decision will be made based on its suitability for the audio medium.
  2. The topic and genre are open for the writer to choose as long as the story reflects the themes and ideals of Shweta’s Basket. (For example, no erotica and gore horror).


Q3. Who can submit the stories?

  1. Writers – If you have the copyright to the story. Sometimes, when you publish your story, the copyright is either with you or the publisher or with the publisher for a specific period of time. If it’s with a publisher then publisher’s permission needs to be taken. So please ensure you have the copyright to the story.


  1. Publishers – If you have a collection of short stories, either by a single author or multiple authors, and you want the listeners out there to know about the book, then write to us and we can select the most suitable story and inform the listeners about the book too.


Q4. How will I come to know if my story has been selected?

A. You will be informed about it via email.


Q5. Where do I send the stories?

A. You can email them to –


Q6. What’s the last date of submission?

The last date of submission is 30/06/21. But stories will be selected on a first come first read basis.


For any other query, please feel free to email or write a comment in the ‘Leave a Comment’ section at the end of this page. You can also connect with me on Facebook or Instagram messenger. My handle is shwetasbasket.



Lead Image Courtesy – Anna Tarazevich from Pexels


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