Sometimes it is not decided till the last moment where to go out to eat. And hence you are a bit apprehensive because you have not been able to do your due diligence with the restaurant. So, when my brother suggested we go to Teatro Bar & Grill, Dadar I wasn’t so sure. But I took a chance. The best part was, if something went wrong, I could squarely place the blame at his feet.

The ambience didn’t help allay our fears. It was kind of dark and there were no customers. But the server assured us that the restaurant was definitely open. We took a chance and chose a table nearest to the entrance. The wall is made of glass so this was the best lit table in the restaurant.

We looked around the seating area. It’s a size ‘S’ restaurant. They do have that loft seating, the kind of place where tall people have to watch their head from smashing into beams…But their bar looked well stocked and the menu read tasty…

So, we took a deep breath and started ordering. Though in rainy season we generally don’t have fish but that day all of us had a hankering for fish and prawns. We were informed that the fish was absolutely fresh and we should go for that instead of the prawns. So that’s what we did. I liked that they informed us about it. They didn’t have to, but they did.

We ordered Surmai Tawa Fry, Chicken Angara Kebab, Harissa Chicken Flambéed, Spicy Habanero Lollypops and we also ordered Moroccan Chicken Shashlik, Panner and Chicken Lababdar and Dal Makhani as takeaway for the family members who couldn’t join us for the lunch, as peace offerings for enjoying ourselves without them.

The Surmai was fantastic. Crispy outside and super soft inside. Still smoking when it came to the table and not at all oily.

Chicken Angara Kebab was also good, though just a tad bit saltier. Flambéed Harissa was great too. Though not melt in your mouth but still tender.


The tandoori Spicy Habanero Lollypops were superb. The spice coating was perfect, the chicken was tender and juicy. They and the fish were the stars.

The take-away dishes were very good too. So, all in all it was a great food outing. And the best part, it wasn’t so expensive. We had ordered eight dishes and two mocktails and the bill was under 3.5k.

If you are near Shivaji Park and looking for a good place for food and drinks, definitely try Teatro Bar & Grill.

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