Book Title: Eventide

Language & Pages: English & 143 pages

Author: Vasudha Pansare

Available On:, ₹ 75 on Kindle Edition


Eventide is the third book of poems by author Vasudha Pansare. The predominant theme in this book is growing old, the eventide of life. It deals with our expectations and apprehensions of old age, questions about what happens in afterlife and how we should be ready to embrace the inevitable gracefully. She writes about how she would like her eventide years to be. Peace is an important aspect of life for Vasudha ji, especially in the sunset years of her life as she likes to call them.

Apart from that there are poems that speak about the truth of life, poems that are mirrors to the society and those that elucidate the lessons of life. There are a couple of poems dedicated to the loneliness and hopelessness caused due to Corona virus and lockdown ‘The Lonely Year 2020’ and ‘Tragic Year 2021’. Both the poems are poignant and you can’t help but relieve those really tough years as you read them. And then there are some beautiful nature poems too to make this a well-rounded collection.


Here are some of the poems that resonated with me. Sharing my thoughts and her lines for some of those poems.


Growing Old – This is definitely my ‘Me’ poem. Every word the poet has written resonates with me. After a certain age we like planned things, meet only our core group of friends and generally avoid conflict.


Like Autumn Leaves – Is a beautiful poem drawing parallels between the autumn leaves and our lives. It is accompanied by a drawing by Mihika Gupta, author’s granddaughter.


Ah! To Be Young – The poet observes that we have to make choices and limit ourselves as our time on this earth is finite. Such is the reality of life.


Those Jasmine Days – For the poet they are a reminder of her days of courtship and for me jasmine will always signify my father and his love for them.


The Power of An Idea – I loved the point the poet is trying to make here. Never underestimate the power of an idea, however impossible or improbable it seems at the beginning.


Eventide – The poem is made even more beautiful because it is accompanied by a beautiful pic by Vasudha ji’s husband.

Face bravely the darkness of death,

Hoping for light at the end of the tunnel,

Hoping for eternal peace hereafter.


Music of The Falling Rain – Accompanied by Mihika’s drawing the poem talks about the author’s love for monsoon.

And the rainy season was my favourite season,

And I used to be as thrilled as a peacock

At the sight of gathering clouds.


The Wandering Heart – It reflects her (and equally mine) frustration and desire to travel.


I Am Unique – This is perhaps an almost autobiographical representation of why the poet writes poetry. It puts into words what poetry means to her and what joy it brings to her.


Twilight – It reflects her philosophy about how we should meet our end.

The evening of life should be thus,

Beautiful, calm, content, glowing,

A fading away,

A sunset gradual,

Soft darkness,



Dandelions – Loved these lines – accompanied by a beautiful drawing by Mihika Gupta.

Strong people are dandelions,

They never give up, never surrender,

Even when they are falling apart,

Full of determination is their heart.


Women And Period – Such a relevant topic and the poet has drawn parallels between then and now, rural and urban situations.


Sweet Childhood Memories – Is such a delightful poem, it took me back to my childhood days just as the poet reminisced about her own.


Festive Spirit – The essence of the poem captured my heart and I agreed wholeheartedly with the poet.

Now I realise, this is the true festive spirit,

Which we discover in sharing and caring,

Festivals don’t mean just lights, food and clothes,

They mean generosity, magnanimity.


The Happiness Potion – Vasudha ji talks about the importance of water in the lives of all things living. It’s an issue close to my heart too. My worst nightmare is a dripping tap.

When forests are burning,

And rivers are drying,

Water should be used with caution,

Because that is the best happiness potion.


Even Song – The poem is full of questions and doubts and apprehensions that the poet feels in her eventide. The kind of questions I am sure all of us would have wondered about from time to time about what the future holds. It is accompanied by a beautiful photo by Sudeepta Mohapatra.


Then there are tiny verses towards the end of the book. Of them I loved Scooter, it feels autobiographical and brought a smile to my face.

There was no greater pride than our beloved scooter,

Life could never have been better,

How quickly those days passed,

And soon two kids found space, on that vehicle meagre,

How did we ever manage, I wonder?



With 102 poems and 8 tiny verses, written in free verse, the book is an amalgamation of various topics that are close to Vasudhaji’s heart. Nostalgia, personal experience, feminism, social and political issues have inspired many a poem in the book. Her words come from heart and she writes as she sees and feels. A good book to ponder and think things about as you read along.

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