Book Title: The Leaf And Other Poems

Language & Pages: English & 66 pages

Author: Vasudha Pansare

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‘The Leaf And Other Poems’ is the fourth book of poems by Vasudhaji. The common thread in her poems is that all of them are so relatable, the life lessons they impart and the way they elucidate how life should be lived. Her favorite topics are showcasing the social and political environment, feminism, nature and her joy in simple things. That is what I love about her poems. With her years of experience being a mother, grandmother, teacher, Head of Department of English at Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College, and now enjoying retired life, she has amassed a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that she pours into her poems.

Her previous books of poems are – ‘The Masks And Other Poems’, ‘The Leaves of Autumn’, ‘Eventide

I have reviewed her last two books and you can read the reviews for them by clicking on the book names.

This particular volume contains 54 poems including the prologue & epilogue poems. They are not arranged in any particular order and hence keep us guessing as to what is coming next, which adds to the charm of the book. As in any volume, there are some poems that capture your heart or mind, make you nod your head in agreement or make you ponder; so, here’s a list of the poems I absolutely loved.


The Leaf

The leaf is introspecting its journey and in so many ways we are a leaf too.


Whatever my future, whatever my fate,

I will not be desolate nor desperate,

Every leaf has its own time,



The poem feels autobiographical…


How patiently her new, beautiful notebook,

Would accept her emotions, her woes, her joys!


Poet, A Liar?

A very intriguing title, isn’t it?


Poetry is the pure fire

Which burns the writer’s heart,

It purifies the one who reads,

And the one who writes.



A beautiful poem about God’s creation, who with all their fallacies are failing God.


But in spite of all our achievements,

Where do we stand?

On a pile of nuclear weapons!

On the brink of the third world war!



Simply loved this poem. No explanation needed, just read these beautiful lines…and they are but small sample of the beautiful lines in this poem.


And sometimes reaps a tragic death,

Instead of a rich harvest.


Just You and Me

Point in case being this poem. Vasudha ji writes wonderful life poems, and this is one of them. It’s about life when we were young and what we desired as opposed to being old now and how those desires have morphed. All the lines are beautiful.


Everything is Transient

As the name suggests it talks about life and death and everyone wanting to be remembered after their death. It is the ending that is so beautiful…


But finally we travel into unknown territory,

What we will find there,

Is another story,

Which none can tell.



It’s a poem about pain and burden but choosing to have the courage to move on. Don’t be a victim. Life is imperfect but how we deal with it is what matters


Nothing is perfect on earth,

Everything is broken and has to be fixed,

So smile through sorrow, hold tight to mirth,

This too shall pass, don’t be vexed.


Epilogue: Autumn Hopes

Sometimes people say it is morbid to think and talk about death especially your own. I don’t agree with that and I agree with what Vasudha ji has written, as she expresses her desire as to how she wants to live out her remaining years on Earth. The thought is positive and a prayer.


Peace, love and a comfortable passing away,

Only this I hope for in the autumn of my life,

When leaves are falling fast.



I love reading Vasudha ji’s poems. They are so relatable, grounded and an inspiration. Her verses reflect the society today, our thought processes, what is right and what is going wrong in the world. Her poems are also a reflection of who she is, a kind and warm-hearted person who abhors violence and is full of positivity.


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