It was one of those days when in search of a perfect restaurant befitting the blissfully cool winter afternoon had us rejecting at least three joints before we came across The Tanjor Tiffin Room. The moment we set our eyes on it we knew we had made the right decision.


They have beautiful outdoor seating perfect for winters. There is this small courtyard of a thing which makes you feel as if you have stepped into a Rudyard Kipling book. When you enter the left corner wall has a huge old gnarled mango tree. The wall on the right side is painted a beautiful combination of burnt orange and rust – not the bright garish kind, but the dull and muted kind that has seen the passage of time and sunlight – and has small motifs drawn on it like a boundary wall of a long-forgotten temple that you may have stumbled across, complete with monkey lamps – literally monkeys holding bulbs – to complement the jungle theme. The whole courtyard is a profusion of green in various sizes, shapes and colors. There are shrubs, planters, hanging planters, creepers and trees.



The awning is not your regular white and green stripes. Here the awning is made of wire mesh supported by big strong frames and with creepers being given plenty of opportunity to climb and claim that space for themselves, creating a living and breathing awing of leaves that seem to filter the sunlight and only let the warmest, gentlest and the most delicate beams to pass through them. In other words, I found the ambience warm, welcoming and peaceful. 


Now that I have covered the ambience to my heart’s content let’s move on to the main reason we were there, the food.


The very first thing on the table were the gravy and rice samplers. They were my first and I enjoyed sampling all of them. 


After the sampling we ordered the food. We went for nethili fry, chicken chettinad, appam, Malabar parotta and chicken biryani. The fish was crispy and tasty, the mutton was yum though a little spicier than what I am used to handle. The appam and Malabari parotta were perfect. The chicken biryani was our kind, every thing together and slightly wet and sticky, not the layered and every rice kernel separate kind. 



All this goodness was washed down with virgin mojito, green apple lemonade, long island iced tea and garden galatta. Garden galatta is really pretty drink to look at, the mojito and iced tea met the mark. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the green apple lemonade. 

And the bill was served with two elaichi bananas. They were the perfect end to a perfect meal. I hope I am able to visit the restaurant once before this cold wave ends and enjoy the outdoor seating, for how often do we come across such places in Mumbai. 
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