Oh My God!!!


I just couldn’t believe it.


Couldn’t believe what I was seeing.


They were back, like a blast from the past.


They were right there, in front of me, on the table and I was flabbergasted.


Then one of the twins quipped; don’t know which one as I was too busy staring in front of me, ‘Ma it’s just chocolates, why are you drooling over them?’ The chocolates being referred to had just been served along with the bill for dinner we had had at a small local diner.

My head snapped up and I glared at the twins. Instead of being intimidated or even unsettled by the unwarranted and rather hostile response from their mother they were puzzled by the fact that their non-chocolate mom was drooling over some simple small chocolates. And when they, being the chocolate lovers they are, extended their hands to pick them up I snarled at them and swooped in to scoop up all the chocolates just like an eagle swoops in to grab its prey off the ground. I profusely thanked the owners of the diner and they perhaps understanding the significance of the chocolates for me offered a few more and I readily took them; promptly forgetting that my kids were watching me and I had been haranguing them that it was BAD manners to take more than one chocolate when offered.

Once I had them safely in my possession I looked over at the twins and saw that they were truly intrigued by the humble looking chocolate and their mother’s total volte-face. With a smile on my face (now that the chocolates were safe and secure in my hand) and reverence in my voice I told them that these were no ordinary chocolates and strictly speaking they are not chocolates at all, they are toffee. These toffees were an integral part of my childhood. They were the only toffees/chocolates I loved, of course helped along by the fact that they were affordable and I could have them every day. Even after so many years my taste buds and my brain cells remembered their distinct flavour.

But as the years had gone by I had forgotten about them and they too had disappeared apparently pushed out by other new swankier and bigger chocolates. I hadn’t seen these toffees for over two decades and just like an old forgotten toy is stuffed in a suitcase and tucked away in an attic, the memories of these toffees too had been tucked away in some corner of my memory-attic. But seeing them now had brought it all back. I knew exactly how they would taste the moment I would pop them in my mouth and I hoped they would not disappoint me. You know how sometimes ‘improved and better’ spoils the original.

I shared one each with my twins and one with my husband. Finally it was my turn. I slowly unwrapped the toffee, gazed at the tawny coloured rectangle with the same admiration and awe as I would a beautifully cut diamond I had just unwrapped from its velvet cover, slowly but surely building up the anticipation of putting in my mouth until at last I did just that. I put it in my mouth closed my lips then closed my eyes and slowly chewed on it.  I was thoroughly gratified by the same familiar taste and a sigh of great pleasure escaped my lips.

To make the twins understand how precious they were to me (the toffee not the twins), I told them that they are to me what Ferrero Rocher and Toblerone are to them. And once they had their ‘Ahh..’ moment and nodded their understanding I was able to elicit a promise that they would leave these toffees alone, for me to enjoy, till I could find a store where I could buy them.

And now that I have found them again I happily share them with my kids and my friends and you will always find them in my purse. Every time I share them with someone and see a spark of recognition in their eyes and a smile on their face I know the toffee have been a special part of their childhood too.

Which toffee is this, you may ask?

Well it’s none other than our………

Very own

Very humble

Kismi toffee.

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